The Best Digital Picture Frame Reviews & Discounts – Comparison Guide:

Digital Picture Frame
NIX X08D High-Res. Digital Picture Frame

This latest digital frame for your pictures comes with a Motion Sensor. It turns on and off automatically. You'll love it!

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Micca M808z High-Resolution Photo Frame With Turn On/Off Sensor

This latest digital frame for your pictures comes with a Motion Sensor. It turns on and off automatically. You'll love it!

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ViewSonic 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame With LED Backlight

This 800 x 600 digital picture frame has an inbuilt LED backlight. The High Resolution produces sharp and crisp image quality.

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Micca Pix-Star PXT510WR02 High-Resolution Picture Frame with Photo Connect Feature

This has a low consumption LED backlight and gives you the ability to accept pictures to groups and individuals.

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Micca NIX Ultra Thin with Motion Sensor and USB Drive Picture Frame

NIX models are superb, but this one went overboard and gave so much more. The USB Drive gives you extra experience which you can hardly find elsewhere.

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The Latest NIX Model - 4GB Memory Digital Picture Frame

A 12-inch High Resolution digital frame that's portable. Now you can use the Wall Mountable, Auto on/off, Alarm Clock etc.

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Now that you’re ready to buy your digital frame for your pictures, enjoy this…    digital picture frame

Do you feel elevated and refreshed whenever you look at your lovely pictures?

Personally, each time I and my wife lie on the bed and scroll through our digital picture frame glancing at our wedding pictures, the love we once shared will automatically come alive.

This is because we can literally take our minds back into the past.

That’s what a picture can do for you. I know that you’ve read a lot of reviews pertaining to this item, but I promise to make this comparison chart the best for you.

Stop the stress of on and off…

My question to you is this: “why bother turning your frame on and off all the time when your inbuilt motor sensor is there to do it for you?”

Yes, most digital photo frames don’t come with an inbuilt sensor and that makes it exceptionally difficult to use.

Below is a comparison chart for the top 6 digital frames you can choose from and use for your pictures.

Depending on your budget, the prices range from $20 – $200. The choice is yours to make. Just bear in mind that you’ll get what you paid. The difference in price is as a result of features each item has over the other.

NIX X08D Digital Picture Frame

The first on our list is the latest version of NIX X08D. This high resolution digital frame is all you need to present those lovely pictures in a timely manner, wherever you may be.

This frame comes with a motion sensor, which means that the frame will automatically turn on when it visualizes or feels a motion around it.

And when there is no motion, the motion sensor feature will turn off to prevent any form of technical issues that may arise.

NIX X08D Has Better Quality Screen

If you know the first NIX X08C, you will agree with me that the quality of the screen isn’t that great. As a result of that, the manufacturers of this frame went underground and made the NIX X08D which has a much better screen quality.

If you’re like me who wants a frame which you don’t want to manually operate, this one is perfect for you. It can be used by parents, students and newly wedded couples who want the flexibility and convenience of looking through their pictures and having a memorable time.

The High-Res. SVGA is efficiently equipped with LED backlighting which I know you’ll like when you eventually decide to purchase it.

The beauty of this digital picture frame is that it can play your MP4 and .AVI video, display your jpeg photos clearly and succinctly and smoothly play your mp3 music files. All you’ve to do is set up the motion inbuilt sensor and it’ll work for you 24/7.

Plays MP4 and MP3 Files

I needed to elaborate more on this because it’s a great feature. The auto rotate sensor is there to help you manage the compatibility of these files so that it plays smoothly.

With the Split Screen Image option, and the 800 x 600 pixels and the 4:3 ratio settings, you will keep enjoying your music and jpeg images seamlessly.

This NIX X08D has 1 Full year Warranty, and a Remote Control so that you don’t have to leave your couch before scrolling your pictures of playing your music.

It accepts the SD/SDHC cards giving you the much needed control. Even the USB Stick can be detected and lastly, this digital frame is compatible with Windows PC.

Show off your Holiday Pictures

Yes, now you can flip your photos 90 degrees.

You don’t have to bother about your portrait and landscape pictures because they’re all optimized.

And from where the last slideshow stopped or paused, you can resume your play and if you want even a greater experience simply connect your digital frame to external speakers through the audio jack and you’ll be on top of the world.

If you’ve enjoyed this review and would like to read testimonials from those who purchased this electronic frame – visit Amazon.

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Thank you for reading my reviews and I hope you’ve benefited immensely from it. God bless you richly.